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About Us

Croblaze is an online marketplace that connects farmers, Customers and Consumers to buy Fresh & Healthy vegetables/fruits in competitive cost.

Now the freshest quality fruits and vegetables are handpicked directly from the farms exclusively for you and delivered to your home. Our products are checked thoroughly and all the safety precautions are taken care of before they are delivered to you. We are dedicated to "delivering freshness" to our customers. Our products take less than 24 hours to reach our customers from local farms.

It is our motive to provide affordable, easily accessible products directly through the Farmers to our Customers through our excellent services with innovative supply chain management, with 3 Is (Information, Insights and Intelligence). We also work to improve the health conditions of the society by providing our premium customers with free Nutrition and Diet Advisory.

Why Choose Croblaze?

  • Free subscription: Get first 3 months subscription absolutely free. Enjoy all the subscription services for free.
  • Free delivery above Rs. 299: Now enjoy free delivery above Rs. 299/-.
  • Best quality vegetables and fruits: It is our prime motive to provide you the highest quality vegetables at competitive costs and make available all the products of your needs at a single place.
  • Products on your demand: Croblaze provides you the premium quality products on your demand. We strive to deliver the exact quality of product as demanded by you. Just mention the exact type of product that you want and they will be delivered to you as needed.

Our Goals

  • Bring Nature‚Äôs Originals from their origin direct to your home.
  • Deliver the best quality of products on your demand at competitive rates.
  • Deliver you the products that improve your health and help treat different chronic diseases from your loved ones by the help of your diet.
Croblaze-Your Online Fruits & vegetables Outlets!
It is our motive to provide affordable, easily accessible,easy to use technology,products directly through
the Farmers to our Customers through our execellent services in order to enhance agricultural productivity
in India and outside India.This would help farmers to earn more income and consumers to eat fresh... (Read more)